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Get fair compensation for your pain and suffering

Something as simple as a slip and fall can lead to a lifetime of aches and pains. In worse case situations, it can even lead to serious fractures, head injuries, and contusions. If your slip and fall was a result of a property owner's negligence, you are entitled to fair compensation. That is where we at Michael D. Russo III, Attorney come in.

• Slip and fall accidents

• Dog bites

• Automobile accidents

• Truck accidents

• Motorcycle accidents

Don't be victimized if someone else is at fault

Take these precautions immediately following the accident:

• Check your passengers for injuries

• Do not move injured passengers; contact appropriate medical divisions

• Move automobiles to roadside if possible

• File an accident report with the police

• Keep witnesses at the scene

• Swap contact and insurance information with all parties involved

• Document the damage using your camera phone

• Do not sign any unnecessary documents before speaking with us


Have you been involved in a vehicular accident?

There is NO fee for NO recovery. When only get paid if you do.

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